Since 1999 acticom GmbH based in Berlin, Germany has been offering its expertise in the areas of wireless telecommunication, security within access networks, and compression of multimedia data within a network. Since 2001 acticom is developing and selling special protocol stacks from these areas and facilitates their integration into cell phones, central components of cell phones, network infrastructure systems, test and measurement devices, software solutions and operating systems.

Made in Germany. Made in Berlin.

acticom supports companies, public authorities and private customers in countries around the globe. All our products are developed and manufactured in Berlin, Germany. Included in our first class customer service is technical support, helping users every step of the way. We at acticom are proud of our German heritage, and proud to represent the quality, security and satisfaction long associated with products “Made in Germany”.

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Everybody goes wireless

Current mobile communication systems are realized through cellular technologies like 3g; with 4G/LTE the next generation of cellular wireless systems is currently being rolled out on a massive scale. Research is going on to define and develop 5G networks targeting the Internet of Things (IoT) and the tactile Internet.

Although 3G and 5G technology offer higher bandwidth, operators are faced with the limitations of reduced capacity compared to wired data access. This in turn prevents the development of new and enhanced data services to meet the demands of customers. This inability to create new services due to technical limitations, in addition to high financial investments for a limited frequency space, mean 3G operators are not getting the return on investment they deserve.

In the past decade wireless technologies have aroused considerable interest: IEEE802.11 WiFi and Bluetooth were already being deployed, but are constantly being improved. 3G and 4G are in place, but especially 4G is incrementally being improved, e.g. moving from 3GPP  Rel. 9 to 3GPP Rel. 11 LTE, both defining RoHC and ROHCv2 header compression as the compression schmes of choice. to save bandwidth and increase cell capacity for LTE base Voice calls using voice over LTE (VoLTE). In addition, LTE will be used for IoT connectivity, requiring header compression, improvement of error probabilities, and bandwidth saving due to the use of IPv6 and the large protocol overhead induced by the IPv6 protocol.

Network operators will break new ground by enhancing cellular wireless systems, moving towards 5G, the tactile Internet, and the IoT on cellular scale. Through deployment of outstanding software modules, acticom is developing security, mobility, authentication, and quality of service support for wireless networks. These modules will not only allow a tight coupling with existing 3G/4G networks but also enable network operators to run stand-alone wireless access networks based solely on other technologies.

With our forward-thinking culture, acticom is already anticipating the transition from 3G/4G to 5G technologies, leaving behind the cellular constraints and bringing ad-hoc capability to the fore.

Who We Are

acticom is offering know-how and software for mobile telecommunication networks since 1999. Formed by professionals from the software industry, the mobile business, and wireless research the company is based on the fundamentals for mobile telecommunication. Our engineers have a strong background in telecommunications and system programming, and our whole team is focused on improving the systems and devices we are and will be using daily.