acticom develops and offers applications and solutions for networks and mobile devices allowing to enable and implement new innovative services. Technologies such as Bluetooth or WLAN/WiFI are already available on nearly every mobile phone, laptop, or PDA. Leveraging these technologies by innovative technologies, e.g. network coding (NC, RLNC), enhanced security, or improved efficiency, creating smart and innovative applications is what wireless applications and services deal with – in addition to that, acticom also considers other wireless devices, technologies, and networks for application innovation.


Integration of protocol stack software like RoHC or RFC 2507 into a new system requires not just the protocol stack itself, but also test and verification. Using the acticom header compression protocol stacks for testing allows for an organized verification of e.g. RoHC or IP header compression enabled systems. For this purpose acticom is offering a tool set for test case based traffic generation, compression, decompression and verification.

Product Oriented Research

CodeLance is a new application and technology framework developed in an European consortium of industrial and academic partners; it provides a platform and protocol stack for video surveillance, uses network coding, and provides a new approach to scalability, security, and reliability. Read more about CodeLance.

Applications and Services for Mobile

Applications making use of cellular and local communication facilities are a promising benefit for the mobile user in a mobile world. Such software is intended to be run or integrated on mobile platforms – even having the potential for new services in a mobile telecommunication network or to be used in a mobile telecommunication network. It’s not just all about the application itself, as additional components can improve the use of a mobile device in a network.

With acticom joining the O&O group in late 2006, acticom and O&O have combined the application and telecommunication know-how to extend the business towards mobile applications. The telecommunication expertise of acticom coupled with O&O’s experience and knowledge applications development results in intelligent and communicative applications for current and upcoming mobile devices and appliances. Innovations for mobile users are the mission for both acticom, and the O&O Group to serve our customers.