acticom develops protocol stack software and applications for mobile devices, chipsets, test systems and network systems. The company specializes in wireless security and wireless QoS for mobile telecommunication networks.

Network and Internet users have a growing demand for mobility inside their apartment, their office and especially when they’re out and about. We have a rapid growth in the number of wireless users all over the world, 4G and upcoming 5G cellular networks will give the demand for mobile and wireless broadband network access even another boost.

Millions of customers worldwide now demand high-speed internet access on any mobile system; furthermore, IoT devices demand low-delay and reliable access to the Internet as well. The wireless industry has already started the creation of new devices and services answering the trends for this type of requirements.

acticom offers a whole range of products and solutions for wireless telecommunication and IoT, for mobile communication and the Internet of Things that more than satisfy all your requirements for an ideal mobile experience.
acticom provides software components for current and upcoming IP based wireless access systems. Wireless networks must address several key features for enabling new services. These include security, mobility and improved Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms and of course their subsequent integration.

All software components are developed in a flexible, reusable, modular manner, that enables the system designer to combine the required modules according to the product’s prerequisites. By providing high-quality and well verified software modules, time-to-market and development efforts for the customer are substantially shortened. All software modules are also developed with integration to embedded systems in mind. Special care must be taken to reduce memory consumption and required CPU capabilities to a minimum wherever possible.

The protocol components provide system independent APIs and integration into existing target customer platforms, while being supported by acticom engineers directly.