For test and verification of RoHC/RoHCv2 and other compression schemes acticom offers a test and verification tool that integrates the acticom header compression protocol stacks and a powerful traffic generation engine.


Using the acticom test tool for header compression allows for the creation of an arbitrary umber of test cases and test scenarios. Creating such tests is based on a scripting language and parser engine that allows to define IP traffic streams, transporting data using UDP, TCP, or UDP-lite, plus defining payload protocols such as RTP.

Any parameter for any protocol defined may be changed and adapted to the current needs. In addition, it allows for multiple stream definitions that result in multiplexed IP datagrams being sent instead of sending one stream after the other. All resulting traffic can be recreated using the stream and test definition only, thus no need to save the created traffic files, which can be optionally saved to e.g. pcap dump files.

Furthermore, incoming compressed traffic can be decompressed, saved to dump files before and after de-compression, and may be compared to the original compressed and uncompressed traffic that has been defined and sent.

For the use with PCDP enabled systems, the tool allows for encapsulating the traffic into PDCP and is supporting IP/UDP transport of PDCP encapsulated RoHC into a testing environment.


The tool is available for Linux x86 platforms, optionally including the source code for adaptation to the own environment and requirements.