acticom announces next generation RoHCv2 protocol stack

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  • August 27, 2008

The acticom RoHC protocol stack has been widely adopted and integrated into wireless terminals and network infrastructure devices. With the integration into measurement systems, it is now possible to test current and future wireless devices with acticom RoHC technology using the outstanding products of acticom customers.

The current RoHC protocol stack is a RFC 3095 (RoHCv1) and RFC 4815 compliant and interoperable solution for fast and easy integration. Available in version 3.0, including full source code, test and measurement tools, along with code examples for integration, flexible and proven API, and reference customers from the world’s leading telecommunication manufacturers, the acticom RoHCv1, version 3.0 protocol stack will still be available, actively maintained, and permanently improved.

The next generation of robust header compression software is RoHCv2, the successor of RoHC, and will be available as a full source code distribution from acticom. RoHCv2 version 1.0 will also include a TTCN3 test interface, test cases, the acticom rsim2 test tool, that comprises GUI, a test framework that allows to test with real traffic, generated traffic, saved traffic patterns, even with real audio/video streams. The RoHCv2 protocol stack will be available as a mobile and a infrastructure version: Highly optimized for mobile devices, lowering general energy consumption and the absolute CPU requirements, and also highly optimized for infrastructure devices, allowing the integrator to use multi-CPU and multi-core environments to their full capacity.

“The decision to present a RoHCv2 protocol stack solution is the logical consequence of the natural development in the standardization and the requests from our customers. We do not expect to see RoHCv2 in commercial products in 2009 or early 2010, but we have seen in the past, that a clear and sound roadmap is appreciated by our customers and that our customers need specific features for their products and roadmaps. With acticom being a reliable supplier, our customers are able to plan and can be sure to get the protocol stack in time. acticom is a technology and solution provider – if our customers deliver successful and innovative products with quality and fast time to market, we will also be successful.” says Gerrit Schulte, Managing Director at acticom.

Additional information will become available on the acticom website ( and the RoHCv2 information site ( Even if pricing and licensing information is not yet available, the interested customers are welcome to request information and how to benefit from choosing acticom as a RoHC and technology supplier for wireless telecommunication products. Existing licensees and early adopters will benefit from smart upgrade options and migration paths.