acticom shows RoHC enabled Nokia N810 Internet Tablet

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  • May 26, 2008

The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet receives and plays streaming video and audio. Now acticom added the acticom Robust Header Compression protocol stack software to the N810 platform, enabling it to compress and de-compress IP/UDP/RTP headers while sending or receiving rich multimedia content.

Nokia’s N810 Internet Tablet natively supports to receive video and audio streams, e.g. Internet radio or video streams. Any applications receiving IP/UDP or IP/UDP/RTP multimedia traffic can now be used in connection with RoHC (Robust Header Compression). The acticom engineers ported and integrated the acticom RoHC protocol stack to the Nokia N810 platform with minimum efforts. The RoHC module compressing and decompressing IP/UDP/RTP headers has been surrounded by additional software that takes care of setting up RoHC channels, negotiating about parameters, and transport over 802.11 WLAN (Wi-Fi) networks.

“The integration of RoHC into the Nokia N810 OS2008 environment was a very easy task for our development team, as the protocol stack itself is platform independent by design. The N810 is driven by a Texas Instruments OMAP 2420 CPU, thus not just another embedded platform. In addition, the device itself is one of the very rare handheld devices that combine Internet good connectivity, Web 2.0 features, video and audio capabilities with real usability, Therefore we decided to use this device for some real life RoHC show cases and enhanced multimedia experience.” says Gerrit Schulte, Managing Director at acticom.

No user application has to be modified to be able to use the RoHC IP header compression. Same applies for streaming server software or Internet based content providers: The IP/UDP/RTP streams to be compressed are handled separately from the usual traffic. The wireless router connecting the wireless test-beds to the Internet has been extended to support RoHC, thus acting similar to a WiMAX ASN gateway, respectively base station. Applications on the user terminal (N810) just listen for incoming traffic as usual. RoHC and the wrapper software care for reception, (de-)compression, and delivery.

Once the acticom development teams receive the new Nokia N810 WiMAX devices, acticom will also demonstrate the power of RoHC IP header compression within a WiMAX environment using real life applications.