New Release of Robust Header Compression v2 (RoHCv2) ready to ship

  • 25
  • October 15, 2013

acticom today announced that it has finished the development of its new version of the protocol stack for Robust Header Compression v2 (RoHCv2).

RoHCv2 is the successor of RoHC. It does not replace or obsolete RoHC, but extends the basic set of compression profiles and is in fact a new compression scheme.

acticom provides, uncompressed, IP, IP/UDP, IP/UDP/RTP, IP/UDPlite, IP/UDPlite/RTP, and ESP compression profiles for IPv4 and IPv6. Required parameters can be controlled through a rich but simple API. Options to integrate the procol stack comprise statistics gathering, debugging and info modes for testing, logging capabilities, and always the option to work with acticom to fulfill specific requirements on platform, product, or even API for integration.

Learn more about acticom RoHCv2